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Anemones are often the reasons people get into the marine hobby; to witness the interaction between these beautiful invertebrates and the clownfish they host. Here at Cheshire Aquatics, we have a selection of species available including a good supply of locally cloned red bubble anemones (often referred to as BTA’s or Bubble Tip Anemone) which are used to aquarium life and appear to thrive under a variety of different lighting types from LED to T5 fluorescent. They are definitely worth seeking out.

Apart from bubble ‘nems, we like to source interesting specimens from other species from around the world. The beautiful rock flower anemones (Epicystis crucifer) are a definite winner but at other times we might stock healthy examples of other species both hosting and non-hosting. We don’t buy our livestock to fill the tanks - if it doesn’t look as happy and healthy as we know it can do then we often don’t have them in stock. This is particularly important for anemones that can be fickle at the best of times and appear to take a long time to settle down after the rigours of shipping.

Please check our availability lists for current stock information or simply give us a call or email for the most up-to-date livestock situation.