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We apply the same care and attention to the selection of our marine invertebrates as we do our fish. The vast majority are hand-picked on our weekly trips to the UK’s leading marine livestock wholesalers.


We have recently revamped our coral holding aquaria with a new selection of 4 new coral tables. These all coral tanks are kept under a range of different LED lighting so customers can see what these lights are capable of. We also have dedicated stony coral aquaria including SPS plus a rack containing 16 tanks dedicated to clean-up crew, crabs, shrimp and snails and much more besides. Be sure to check out our current stock level pages for an up to date list of species and varieties we stock but remember; stock changes daily too if you are looking for a particular piece then it’s always best to call or email for the most up-to-date availability. We might even be able to suggest an even better alternative!

Ricordea florida

Keeping tropical marine invertebrates in saltwater aquaria has undergone a massive expansion over recent years. Affordable systems, improvements in technology, design and understanding of the requirements of photosynthetic corals have driven the popularity of reef aquaria sky high. It’s really not that difficult to get started and every year we have several newcomers to fishkeeping who begin with a marine aquarium and who go from strength to strength. The introduction of affordable micro and nano-reefs, together with the creation of some very aesthetically pleasing self-contained systems has meant that maintaining a coral reef in your own home has never been more accessible and also within the budgets of more people than now.

Zoanthid colony

We have also seen huge growth in the popularity of particular colour morphs of corals, zoanthids (or zoa’s) in particular, are hugely diverse and there is an ever-increasing number of named varieties available. The same applies to many stony corals and their myriad colours. Where possible we try to seek out the unusual; some of our unnamed colonies and frags are as colourful and beautiful as named specimens that are ten times the price! We do stock named pieces as can be seen in our stock lists.

Come and see what we have to offer in terms of our selection of corals - including many farmed, UK grown and fragged specimens and many that have been cultured in tropical regions, therefore, boosting the economies of local people.