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LPS Corals

Large polyped stony corals offer some of the best colours and diversity of shapes of all corals that are routinely maintained in reef aquaria.

A beautiful red specimen of "Acan lord"

The sheer diversity of species and colour morphs of large polyp stony (LPS) coral in the hobby today is quite incredible. Price and availability reflect scarcity and desirability and single polyps of certain species can command fabulous prices. This doesn't mean that some of the cheaper specimens don't offer outstanding beauty in their own right, however and aquarists on a budget should always find something to tempt them in our extensive coral aquaria.

Alveopora Flower Pot Coral

Larger colonies and frags are available from a wide range of species with different eases of keeping enabling beginners and more advanced aquarists to choose specimens to suit their systems. Many colonies are cultured or farmed in places such as Fiji, Australia and Indonesia.


Trachyphyllia geoffroyi Red Open Brain Coral

As befits some of the wild collected specimens that are hand-selected by us some individuals are truly unique. Please check our regular updates for stock highlights; specimens we think are pretty special or even just an account of what we have selected and collected.