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Button polyps such as this Palythoa and Zoanthus are incredibly popular in the hobby.

Colonial polyps offer a huge diversity of shapes and colours. Zoanthids (Zoa's), Palythoa spp (Palys), Discosoma, Ricordea, Rhodactis and more. These are often referred to by marine aquarists as button polyps and mushroom anemones respectively. We always have a good selection of species and colour morphs with the number of named varieties stocked increasing all the time.

Also stocked are various other species of polyp including clove stars (Clavularia spp), daisy polyps (Knopfia sp) and various star polyps (Pachyclavularia and Briareum sp)

Clavularia sp Clove Star Polyp


Stock changes all of the time and although we should always have some examples from each genus here at any one time the overall diversity may change. Therefore if you are seeking a particular colour morph or species then please get in touch before travelling.

Stunning Zoanthid Colony from the South Pacific