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Marine Fish

Welcome to our tropical marine fish department.


Tropical marine fish have never been easier to maintain in captivity. Indeed many species commonly kept these days are in fact captive bred or cultured and the list of species for which this is possible, increases year on year. Couple the increased hardiness and durability of the available species with the improvements in hardware and system design it has never been a better time to keep these wonderful animals in your home.

Woodhead's Angelfish (Centropyge woodheadi)

Cheshire Aquatics staff pride themselves on their specialist knowledge of tropical marine fish and invertebrates. Established through many years experience of keeping and retailing marine fish staff have contributed articles to several magazines and even written books on the subject. So if it is advice on tropical marine fish that you need then we are a great place to visit. We also make regular, weekly buying trips to hand-select our stock. All fish are feeding before they are sold unless otherwise stated by the staff at the time of purchase (as might be the case with a specifically ordered species with specialised dietary requirements).

Indonesian Candy Hogfish (Bodianus sepiacauda)

Our selection of tropical marine fish tends to centre around invertebrate compatible species that do not outgrow most marine aquariums. We try wherever possible to avoid stocking large species with attractive juvenile phases that can tempt the unwary aquarist into making an ill-conceived and likely to be regretted purchase. Most of all we want you to ask about the fish that we stock! If a member of staff doesn’t know something they will tell you but be happy to try to find out for you. The likelihood is that if that person doesn’t know then someone else will!

Yasha Goby (female) (Stonogobiops yasha)

Cheshire Aquatics also seeks out rare and unusual tropical marine fish species that you might not be familiar with. Almost certainly these will not be particularly difficult to maintain; more often than not they are just an unusual relative of a more familiar species.

Take our goby selections - we have some great species of pygmy goby nearly always in stock including species of Bryaninops, Trimma and Eviota - wonderful for the nano reef or peaceful larger reef system. We also specialised in small, reef compatible wrasse such as Wetmorella and Cirrhilabrus, Paracheilinus amongst others.

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish Dendrochirus brachyptyerus

The tropical marine fish at Cheshire Aquatics are fed a wide variety of foods to ensure their excellent health and to make acclimation to the home aquarium much easier for their new owner. Tangs, angelfish, surgeonfish and other species which should recognise readily available forms of dried algae, along with many of the widely used varieties of brine shrimp. We also feed our own frozen mysis - a superb diet packed with nourishment for excellent long-term results.

We hope that you will come to visit us shortly and remember: if there is a tropical marine fish that you are looking for but can’t find then we will do our best to help.