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Pond Fish

We are really proud of the quality of our pond fish which includes some of the best UK specimens on the market. Our overwintered ghost koi, koi carp and goldfish are incredibly hardy and are in tip-top condition from the minute that they arrive with us at the end of February to the beginning of March.

As the season progresses we increase our stocks and diversity with the introduction of golden ore, sturgeon and sterlets, grass carp and tench before the larger koi carp originating from Israel begin to arrive. The reason we don't have the latter earlier in the year is that many do not appreciate being put out into ponds that are too cold. 12C or more is about right.

Pond fish are stocked at Cheshire Aquatics usually until mid-September.

We can offer guidance on how to feed your pond fish as their requirements will change as the seasons progress. We can offer advice on housing them too with a range of filters, pumps and liners/ponds in stock plus the ability to consult and supply on much larger projects. We have designed a number of systems over 200,000 litres volume either as natural or dedicated koi ponds.

Although we strive to keep all sizes, species and varieties in stock all the time occasionally supplies of popular lines do go out of stock so please give us a ring or drop us an email before starting out on your journey.