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About Our Tropical Department

Tropical freshwater fish offer huge diversity in size, behaviour and colour. Although we centre upon smaller fish there is no shortage of fascinating and beautiful species in our selection. We have a great choice for beginners, intermediate and more advanced fish-keepers ranging from tetras to Apistogrammas, Malawi's to mollies.

Part of the Tropical Fish and Plant Room at Cheshire Aquatics

Although stocks can vary on a daily basis according to sales and availability we are constantly striving to supply fish that include some unusual species or perhaps those that one might overlook in favour of more widely available fish.

Our rummy nose tetras (Hemigrammus rhodostomus) and cardinal tetras (Cheirodon axelrodi) are captive bred, excellent quality and very robust making them rather popular with our customers. But these are only two of the many species we carry in stock in the nearly 5000 litres of tropical freshwater systems we have at Cheshire Aquatics.

We enjoy offering a range of South American Dwarf cichlids genera including Dicrossus, Apistogramma, Microgeophagus and Laetacara. These might include wild and captive bred specimens. Intermediate-sized south American cichlid genera might include Biotodoma, Geophagus, Gymnogeophagus, Cryptoheros and Satanoperca.

Killifish belonging to the genus Fundulopanchax (Aphyosemion) are also regularly in stock for those wanting something colourful in their community aquarium - with care though as these fish seem to find the long tails of guppies and similar fish to be irresistible targets for nibbling! You might also see other killifish in stock from time to time and we have access to more so please get in touch if you are looking for anything in particular.

Our plants are by the best - Tropica of Denmark.