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Dry Goods

From aquariums to additives we stock a wide range of products to keep your aquarium in tip-top shape. We are a Juwel Platinum dealer meaning that any of their range of superb aquaria that you purchase from us will come with a free cabinet. We also stock aquaria from Aqua-El, Aqua One and Hagen/Marina/Fluval. Once your aquarium is home you are going to need decor; we stock wide range of substrates including natural sands and gravels as well as more decorative stones in addition to substrates specifically targeted at those who wish for luxuriant plant growth.

Other decor includes artificial and real Tropica plants in addition to a large selection of aquarium-safe ornaments.

Other essentials include cleaning equipment, additives and treatments to keep your aquarium and its inhabitants in the very best of health. We also sell purified R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) water - bring your own containers or purchase them from us. It's a great way of removing algae-fuelling nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate from your aquarium by not adding it in the first place; tapwater often contains higher than desirable levels of these compounds.