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COVID19 Update 1st November 2020

As we are headed into another period of Lockdown we would like to remind customers that we are classed as an essential business and will therefore be opening as usual throughout this period. We will be getting our usual twice weekly shipments of reptile live foods and we will allow non-essential items to be purchased at the same time as products that are vital for the health and wellbeing of your pets- and yes, this includes your aquarium inhabitants too.

Welcome to Cheshire Aquatics website. We have updated it recently to make it more informative and user-friendly. The emphasis here is on letting you know what you can find when you visit; the animals, plants and hardware that we currently have in stock. We always try and keep stock-lists as up to date as possible but as we are open 7 days a week there is always a chance that when stocks are limited they might go out of stock by the time you visit it is always best to ring or email beforehand and we can check availability for you.

Cheshire Aquatics is under new ownership as of June 2012. The new owners are committed to providing a great deal of investment over the coming months and years resulting in the expansion of the ranges of livestock and dry goods available to our customers. We will become increasingly active on social media platforms to keep our subscribers and followers updated on events at the shop and notify them of any special acquisitions.

As we further develop the site expect informative articles about the work we do here, new product lines we are impressed with, product tests and features on individual species or groups of species of fish, coral, invertebrate, plant, reptile and pet.