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Other Coldwater Fish

There are several species of fish available that may not be able to survive a winter in the UK in an outside pond but can thrive in unheated aquaria in the average centrally-heated home. Sometimes certain examples of these fish are referred to as "temperate" but this can be a little misleading not least because some of the species may tolerate 18C but begin to struggle at lower temperatures.

We stock a variety of species suitable for unheated aquaria including the beautiful rainbow shiner (Notropsis chromosus). This 5-8cm beauty is sexually dimorphic with females resembling the European minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus - another species we frequently have in stock). Males on the other hand can display patches of fluorescent pigment that really stands out giving them an incredibly striking appearance particularly under suitable lighting.

Other frequently held species including weather loach, white cloud minnows and in our tropical department there are danios and black widow tetras which are frequently acclimated to cooler conditions in unheated aquaria.