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Bank Holiday

As we head into another Bank Holiday weekend with the weather forecast looking pretty good we are expecting a shipment of new pond plants; marginals, planted baskets, lilies and oxygenators to arrive just in time for it. We will be topping up our pond fish stocks too- albino grass carp sold out last week so they will be replaced.

Of course, we have a great selection of fish foods in stock- the increase in temperatures has really brought on the appetites of the fish. Now is the time to get some weight on the fish and throughout the summer to give them the reserves they need to get through the winter. We can always advise on the types of food you should be feeding at particular times of year and water temperatures - all with the condition that water quality should remain excellent - don't overfeed!

Oh, and our opening times are as normal 9am-5pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

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