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About Our Marine Department

At the end of September 2017, we completed the second phase of our aquarium modernisations which has resulted in two new marine fish systems that compliment the installation of four coral tables. In addition, we have two 200 litre systems which will be for larger colonies of SPS coral we hope to be able to frag and grow out. It’s early days but we are happy the progress that we have made so far.

Also newly installed are two 150cm aquaria dedicated to rock substrates. One is home to fully cured and cycled live rock including some nice flat, deepwater and Pukani. The other is a new idea we are trialling, new for us at least, where we take dry Fiji rock and Reef Rock 2.0 (Artificial rock made in Fiji by Walt Smith International - more detail including images very soon). This rock is cured by us then cycled so it is home to that essential ammonia and nitrite removing bacteria. In that sense, it’s like adding mature cured live rock to your aquarium but without any of the hitchhikers. And it looks great too with branched forms becoming available very soon in dry and cycled forms.

Not only do the improvements to the marine room increase the range and numbers of corals and other sessile invertebrates we can offer for sale but it has also enabled us to showcase some of the excellent LED light units out there. You can see images of the installation here although it’s still early days and will take a little more time for the systems to be ready to be fully stocked.