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About our Indoor Coldwater Fish

Keeping goldfish is a familiar hobby but there is one heck of a difference between keeping goldfish properly and keeping them badly.

In general terms goldfish are not as hardy as they once were - being bred in vast numbers all around the world from North America to the Far East. Thus they are not able to handle some of the water quality found in unfiltered bowls or aquaria. These days, goldfish really need to be kept in filtered aquaria and given the same care and attention we might lavish on any pet.

Keeping goldfish successfully centres around the maintenance of good quality water, as does the keeping of any aquatic organism. However, selection of good hardy stock is also important.

Our stock originates from many sources but we always try to have some very hardy English-bred specimens available. Like our pond fish, these are over-wintered in outdoor ponds in this country making for very hardy fish indeed. Keeping goldfish doesn’t have to be difficult!

One of the secrets to keeping goldfish successfully is good feeding techniques - namely providing a varied diet. We stock a wide range of foods, frozen as well as flake and pellet which meet the demands of most coldwater fish. Indoor aquarium fish often have problems maintaining buoyancy. Such problems have been linked to poor diet; essentially feeding too much flake food that is consumed from the surface of the water.

Fancy goldfish in particular suffer from problems when air is swallowed. Provision of specialised fancy goldfish diets such as the Tetra Gold range with their sinking pellets together with a variety of frozen foods including daphnia and bloodworm can make all of the difference.

We stock a wide variety of colour forms at any one time. We also like to house a variety of other coldwater species too. White cloud mountain minnows, hill stream loach, sticklebacks and sometimes much more can be housed in our systems at any one time. As some species are seasonal it pays to check our stock lists before travelling.