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SPS Corals

Small Polyped Stony corals, SPS for short, represent superb opportunities to create incredibly colourful displays in reef aquaria. However, they can be demanding to maintain due to their insistence on stable, high quality water parameters. Fortunately, the wealth of experience, technology and insights offered by retailers, fellow aquarists and manufacturers means that it has never been easier to create something spectacular in your own home.

Blue tip red Acropora

We have SPS corals to suit every budget and although such corals may not be for out and out beginners looking for easy starter invertebrates we can certainly offer a choice of species / morphs for aquarists wishing to attempt these corals for the first time. Stock numbers and diversity is increasing all the time so please be sure to check back with us regularly to be kept updated on new arrivals.

Montipora setosa An interesting SPS coral with stunning colouration when settled.