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Snails & Clams

Who doesn’t love a mollusc? Well, it appears that quite a few really don’t like snails which is a real shame as these animals can be highly useful in a saltwater aquarium.

First of all, there are the herbivorous species; a variety of different algae grazing species that can have a very useful role to play in the prevention of undesirable algae such as the various filamentous forms that can plague aquarists. Or how about a sand-shifting conch? Conomurex luhuanus, the strawberry-lipped conch is an excellent grazer of diatoms and other algae from the surface of sand or gravel. It is a frequent burier too which can be beneficial for the substrate bed in its own right but it won’t consume any beneficial creatures colonising the sand.

Then there are the scavengers and generalists. Think of the diminutive Nassariid mud snail known by the tongue-twistingly long Latin name of Reticunassa crenulicostatus; a 10mm maximum, sand-dwelling snail with an elephant trunk-like proboscis that forms self-sustaining populations in most reef aquaria and does a very useful job of keeping sand turned over and aerated whilst also having the ability to seek out and consume uneaten fish food.

Ornamental clams species from the genera Tridacna and Hippopus are available from time to time depending upon exportation permits from the areas in which they are farmed. Most are exquisitely beautiful and, because we hand-select the very best, we have the nicest ones possible in stock when available. Please check the stock lists for availability and phone or email for the most up to date livestock information.